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oak 160 x 115

The Last Adventure

I told my husband that moving to Savannah, Georgia, was appealing to me because it would be a middle-age adventure, and maybe, my last adventure before sliding into the opiate of old age. So we moved. Savannah is a tiny town of only 142,000 people, stee... more
plate 160 x 115

Jump onto My Plate

My plate is of medium size and has been comfortably filled with the typical activities of life: work, managing the house, the yard, bringing up the children and caring for the dogs. In midlife, my plate became a bit crowded. On top of my mother’s chro... more
contact_lense 160 x 115

Fifty, The New Eighty

Last week found me at what used to be my favorite doctor’s office, the optometrist, a place I formerly considered a humiliation-free zone (no tell-all big mouth scales there to ruin my day). But there’s more than one way to humiliate a cat, or in my ca... more
Chole 160 x 115

We Got a Dog

“I want a dog.” “No," my husband, Howard, says. I wore him down and he relented. Chloe is nine pounds of nothin. Brown furred, huge under bite, ugly and mean. She is supposed to be a Bichon Frisé. I never saw a brown Bichon before. This is wha... more
female_covering_face 160 x 115

Zit on My Nose

Here I am fifty-something, and I have a pimple on my nose. Every time I look in the mirror, I freak out because this ginormous zit is right in the middle of my nose. Everyone can see it. You can’t miss it. And I have a job interview this morning. A... more