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Hair_tools 160 x 115

Asymmetry in the ER

My mom was ill and the only good that comes from dealing with a sick person is being around doctors. I love them. I revere them. Is it the Jewish princess in me or the hypochondriac? I especially love our heart doctor, “Dr. S.” Two days after being... more
park 160 x 115

Five More Minutes

A woman sat beside me at the park, her young son standing patiently by her, his eyes fixed on the playground. With a kiss and a zip of his jacket, she sent him screaming with delight toward the other children. She pulled a thermos from her bag and smiled a... more
White_fence 160 x 115

White Picket Fence

Bruce bobbed up and down on his tiptoes in anticipation—always ready, ever happy to draw. I smoothed out and taped down the fan-folded computer paper along a long side of the architect’s desk. The desk’s adjustable crisscross legs were almost horizon... more
angel 160 x 115

The Gift of the Fallen Angel

Crash.  She toppled to the floor too quickly to save.  The little angel statue broke.  And with it, my dreams. I thought, “Throw her out.”  She was too contemporary---a gift from someone who didn’t know me.  You know, an obligatory, meaningle... more
mouth_shut 160 x 115

Don’t Talk to Strangers

"Don't talk to strangers” is the warning parents tell their children. But I am often on the receiving end of this mantra---by my middle-age daughter ReRe. How did I land in this position of constant scrutiny? Well to be fair, I have caused her enough ... more