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get well balloons 160 x 115

Goodbye, Ursula: Chronicle of a Hysterectomy

This is crazy. I’d just been cleared for colon cancer – the big one, the one that’s been looming since it murdered Mom at forty-nine. One month shy of forty-seven, I was hugely relieved to learn I don’t have it. But fear-filled nerves shake my bein... more
spring 160 x 115


It’s been a rough winter, this winter of 2014. We’ve had lots of snow and cold weather. For those of us with older bones, it’s been an uncomfortable one, for sure. It’s been my thought to keep busy and maybe, just maybe, it will pass faster. But th... more
doctor, xray 160 x 115 copy

My Left Breast

If there's one thing a woman doesn't want, it’s feel a foreign object where there was never one before. It's creepy, somehow. It's like, you weren't there last week, and now you are! Nevertheless, this foreign object was on the outer aspect of my left... more
swimsuit 160 x 115

Swimsuit Season

That furry prophet, Punxsutawney Phil, predicted six more weeks of winter, so obviously he had not been in my local department store where the signs are screaming “Swimsuit Season Is Here!” Just as I am finally getting used to our no-end-in-sight-arcti... more
Hot chicks 160 x 115

Hot Chicks

We stopped weekly at the grain store in Salem, New Hampshire. Every time, we looked at the cute chicks, and thought, yes, but not now. Well, a few months ago we plunged and bought eight chicks, all different. They were so cute, and I posted them on Pint... more