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brokenheart 160 x 115


Sometimes, when I am lying in bed, waiting for my night sweats to dry up, I try to recreate the road that got me here. Here is fifty years old, divorced, a little poor and job hunting. There are many good things in my life as well, but being Jewish, I don... more
running 160 x 115

A Mom’s Mental Marathon

It's not often that I can satisfy my long-suppressed need to play a bigger role in my adult son's life. I would like to nuture him and secretly miss the little boy he once was—the son who reached to hold my hand and threw his arms around me. But to... more
turtle 160 x 115


Picture a forty-year-old woman sitting on her bathroom floor staring at three positive pregnancy tests placed in front of her. As you may have guessed, the woman is me. The real shock was that my husband Tim had a vasectomy ten months earlier. We had three... more
two_candles 160 x 115

The Jetlag of My Life

Two weeks ago I had to put on wings of courage and fly from San Diego to Bucharest, Romania. A stage of my life had ended abruptly, not once but twice within a very short period of time: the sudden passing of my both parents. The entire innocence of ... more
dalmatian 160 x 115


My husband came home from work one day and told me that a friend had a Dalmatian he could no longer take care of. My husband asked me if I knew anyone who was interested. Was he serious? I laughed. "Duh,” I said. “Do I look like chopped liver?” I ... more