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Sunday’s Saving Grace

It didn’t seem right. She was always on time and efficient in everything she did, Sunday, should be no different. I was concerned because Mary Eva, my right-arm lady in my real estate business, didn’t answer her phone this Sunday morning. It was unu... more
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Midlife Interruption

I had planned my future midlife crisis in advance, a vintage car or maybe, a Corvette. I was forty-nine and not worried about the magic number fifty rapidly approaching. I certainly didn't want an over-the-hill party. I was healthy, happily married for twe... more
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The Anatomy of Friendship

I pride myself on the ability to get along with almost everyone.  People who are annoying, overly dramatic, and pessimistic don’t really bother me.  I have one friend who does nothing but complain about her smorgasbord of anti-anxiety medications.  I ... more
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A Complicated Gift

Toddler-breath is tickling my cheek. At first I think I'm dreaming. I'm in a sleep so deep it's like I swallowed a fistful of Ambien, when suddenly there is an elbow in my eye and a chubby knee wedged into my stomach. A small body is climbing all over me. ... more
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Q & A

A mere six years ago, I was a competent, independent, self-assured career woman who could rock a pair of stilettos from the early morning to the late evening. So at forty, when I left my job to give birth to my son, I thought, “No problem. I can do this.... more