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Laundry_basket160 x 115

The Time in Between

I had an interview yesterday for a substitute teaching job. It has been seventeen years since I had my own classroom. A lot has changed. I have changed. When I graduated from college, I had a bachelor's in education and a teaching certificate. While I a... more
wheelchair 160 x 115

Free Food Tastes Better

Did you ever have the feeling when everything in your life is peaking simultaneously that something will come along and spoil it? I know this law of nature all too well. A few years ago, my life couldn’t have been any better. My family was great; I ha... more
porch_swing 160 x 115

Morning Ritual

The sun was wiping the sleep out of its eyes as I settled into the porch swing with my first cup of coffee. Traffic was intermittent, but the birds were fully awake. In the distance a woman was walking her dog, enjoying the coolness and peacefulness of the... more
blood_pressure 160 x 115


It’s funny how things can come from out of nowhere and hit you in the face when you least expect it. I had to go downtown today and have some medical tests done for my insurance company’s new wellness program. This is one of those concepts that sound... more
muffin 160 x 115

Muffin Rebel

During chemo, my surgeon mentioned that as soon as I was done with the breast cancer treatments, he would schedule an appointment to take out my chemo port. “How will you do that?” I asked. “We can do it with a local or we can put you out durin... more