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highway 160 x 115

The Speed Trap Ticket

I pulled out of town and hit the open highway. A dazzling and wild display of flashing red lights suddenly filled my rearview mirror but aliens were not landing. A police car was pursuing me with gusto, or needing to get past me, or had a vital message for... more
cutting board 160 x 115

Food for Thought

Have you ever noticed how life lessons can appear in everyday activities? Today’s enlightening moment was brought to me while making soup. I love soup and love making soup. Actually, I love to cook. It’s fun to look at an existing recipe and then tweak... more
dawn 160 x 115

Good and Bad Days Living with Cancer

They’ll be coming any minute for me. I am so happy, all packed. Way too much stuff. My wig for sure, wearable now because my sweet sister bought me a cotton head wrap and now there’s no itch. Yeah! I might try eyelashes, but eyeliner works too. This we... more
pool 160 x 115

The Deep End of Love

It was a beautiful day in sunny southern Florida where, at five years old, I was about to witness fear, love, hysteria and recovery in the same pool. I thought jumping off the diving board could be a fun and new approach at getting into my tube, which, inc... more
board game 160 x 115

Quality Time

My daughter Cathy, my granddaughter Megan, and I sat at their kitchen table ready to spend some quality time together. We were going to play a board game — one Megan had received at her tenth birthday party yesterday. Cathy cut the cellophane and opened ... more