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question_mark 160 x 115


I’m feeling restless, a combination of loneliness and ants-in-my-pants. The result of which usually isn’t constructive: I spend, damage, dream. I waste fleeting time, energy. I think of projects that will never be done, dreams unfulfilled. I pine for t... more
island_beach 160 x 115

A Trip to Remember

I walked barefoot in the cool moist sand along a deserted beach on a beautiful day in Miami. The sky was an outstanding robin’s egg blue with huge white clouds sailing swiftly overhead. The cry of the gulls was the only sound in this peaceful early morni... more
stomach 160 x 115

Journey to the Center of My Bowels

One of the benefits of turning fifty was, besides gray hair sprouting from my nose, needing Pepsi to burp, and developing nail fungus known as “Old Man Toe,” I got a chance to feel what it’s like to spend some time in a Turkish prison. The word ... more
fan 160 x 115

Menopause Venom

I'm taking snake venom for hot flashes, Lachesis mutus, to be exact. This homeopathic remedy comes from the poisonous venom of the bushmaster, a greatly feared snake native to Central and South America. The poison of the bushmaster is deadly if it enters t... more
Hands_on_keyboard 160 x 115


Sometimes I live in sunshine. I greet every day with a happy heart. Each morning brings with it a promise of new opportunities. I sip my hot coffee laced with hazelnut creamer as I scan the headlines. Motes sparkle like pixie dust dancing in the sun str... more