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medicine160 x 115

Pseudo Pneumonia

"Pneumonia?" I said as I looked at the x-ray. "Yes, see these infiltrates, these large white patches throughout your lungs?" asked Dr. B. pointing at my lungs on the x-ray. "That’s pneumonia." My eyes widened as my mouth partially opened. I had not... more
Holding_hands 160 x 115

Lessons Learned Raising My Parents

A few years ago, I managed a sweet little resale shop in a small railroad town. One day I had a customer come in the shop to buy a chest, a lift chair and a few odd pieces to "brighten up Mama's room." From the conversation the two ladies were having ab... more
light_bulb 160 x 115

So THIS Is Early Retirement!

Early retirement. In remission. Single. Back home to Florida. These were the words in my mind as I drove through the five states and 950 miles to Northwest Florida. My life had changed dramatically. Several months earlier, I was battling cancer, working... more
sunset 160 x 115

Daughter-of-My-Heart: My Beloved Teacher

It seems like a cruel joke of nature that just as we are navigating the upheavals of midlife, the imminent departure of our children -- as well as the loss of a parent -- arrives like multiple trains on a crash-course ready to create havoc out of our peace... more
basketball 160 x 115

Passing on the Coaching Torch

The summer basketball league is off and running and for the first time one of my children is no longer a player, she is now a coach. An ordinary request to volunteer, some emails, roster lists and shirt deliveries did not in any way alert me to the prou... more