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books 160 x 115

Homeschool Return

I’ve always homeschooled my five children, which proves I am either certifiably crazy or ambitious to a fault. Hopefully, neither is entirely true. And now my oldest has graduated from college, my youngest is eleven, and my one high school student, wh... more
electrocardiogram 160 x 115

My Final Chance

It was a chilly day, which unbeknownst to me, would put me at the doorstep of an unparalleled challenge. You see, this day I was told I had advanced cirrhosis (liver disease), and my time on this wonderful planet was quickly coming to an end. How could ... more
signal 160 x 115

Excuse Me, You’re Getting Older

When I look at my father -- he will be eight-five this year -- he is an elderly man. He looks physically old. His walk has changed. Parkinson’s has taken away the arrogant and proud walk, which at one time, was his way to express his power. His extraordi... more
class 160 x 115

The Root of Inquiry

It started as a diversion from all the tasks that being a mom entails as well as the part-time secretarial job I had at a local nonprofit. A creative writing class at the local community college looked like a perfect outlet for the little bit of creative j... more
henley 160 x 115


My husband and I were taking a walk with our teenage grandson Neil when I looked down at my husband’s feet. “You have on Neil’s boots.” “Yes,” he nodded. “They are my hand–me-up footwear.” “No, they are not hand-me-ups, Grandfathe... more