Midlife Interruption

I had planned my future midlife crisis in advance, a vintage car or maybe, a Corvette. I was forty-nine and not worried about the magic number fifty rapidly app... more

The Anatomy of Friendship

I pride myself on the ability to get along with almost everyone.  People who are annoying, overly dramatic, and pessimistic don’t really bother me.  I have ... more

A Complicated Gift

Toddler-breath is tickling my cheek. At first I think I'm dreaming. I'm in a sleep so deep it's like I swallowed a fistful of Ambien, when suddenly there is an ... more

Q & A

A mere six years ago, I was a competent, independent, self-assured career woman who could rock a pair of stilettos from the early morning to the late evening. S... more

Asymmetry in the ER

My mom was ill and the only good that comes from dealing with a sick person is being around doctors. I love them. I revere them. Is it the Jewish princess in me... more

Five More Minutes

A woman sat beside me at the park, her young son standing patiently by her, his eyes fixed on the playground. With a kiss and a zip of his jacket, she sent him ... more

White Picket Fence

Bruce bobbed up and down on his tiptoes in anticipation—always ready, ever happy to draw. I smoothed out and taped down the fan-folded computer paper along a ... more

Don’t Talk to Strangers

"Don't talk to strangers” is the warning parents tell their children. But I am often on the receiving end of this mantra---by my middle-age daughter ReRe. How... more

A Friend To Remember

I remember when I became friends with Kim. I was teaching piano lessons privately, and she called me to schedule lessons for her daughter. Immediately, I knew w... more


It was one of those days when I was feeling like an inadequate mother. My husband and I always have a full house with our four children, their friends, my mot... more