The Last Adventure

I told my husband that moving to Savannah, Georgia, was appealing to me because it would be a middle-age adventure, and maybe, my last adventure before sliding ... more

Jump onto My Plate

My plate is of medium size and has been comfortably filled with the typical activities of life: work, managing the house, the yard, bringing up the children and... more

Fifty, The New Eighty

Last week found me at what used to be my favorite doctor’s office, the optometrist, a place I formerly considered a humiliation-free zone (no tell-all big mou... more

We Got a Dog

“I want a dog.” “No," my husband, Howard, says. I wore him down and he relented. Chloe is nine pounds of nothin. Brown furred, huge under bite, ugly... more

Zit on My Nose

Here I am fifty-something, and I have a pimple on my nose. Every time I look in the mirror, I freak out because this ginormous zit is right in the middle of my ... more

The Ex-Factor

Just like the old TV show of the early 60s, I have “eight million stories” in my Naked City. My friends have been encouraging me to share this one, but I wa... more

Will I Ever Feel Joy Again?

At least I’m past the point of wondering if everything might be easier and better if I killed myself. I hated that part. But feeling sorry for myself an... more

The Magic of the Monkeys

Startled, I wake up with a jerk, heart pounding like a jack hammer. What is that sound? Where am I? My mind races through these thoughts while wailing, howling ... more

Morning Ritual

The sun was wiping the sleep out of its eyes as I settled into the porch swing with my first cup of coffee. Traffic was intermittent, but the birds were fully a... more


It’s funny how things can come from out of nowhere and hit you in the face when you least expect it. I had to go downtown today and have some medical tests d... more

Muffin Rebel

During chemo, my surgeon mentioned that as soon as I was done with the breast cancer treatments, he would schedule an appointment to take out my chemo port. ... more