Homeschool Return

I’ve always homeschooled my five children, which proves I am either certifiably crazy or ambitious to a fault. Hopefully, neither is entirely true. And now... more

My Final Chance

It was a chilly day, which unbeknownst to me, would put me at the doorstep of an unparalleled challenge. You see, this day I was told I had advanced cirrhosis (... more

The Root of Inquiry

It started as a diversion from all the tasks that being a mom entails as well as the part-time secretarial job I had at a local nonprofit. A creative writing cl... more


My husband and I were taking a walk with our teenage grandson Neil when I looked down at my husband’s feet. “You have on Neil’s boots.” “Yes,” he... more

My Single Mom Days

I wrote this story because of my three sons. They are all grown now, happily married with families, thank goodness. Two sons have two children and one has on... more


I was getting mad at the guy driving the car in front of us. “If this guy were only conscious,” I said, “then we could get on with our lives.” “... more

My Courageous Butterfly

I love animals. My family always allowed pets; we owned many cats and dogs and even two lambs named Inky and Pinky. Now I have two indoor male cats who I adore;... more

A Man Walks into a Bar

I was at the Jersey Shore in July and needed to get out of the house for a few minutes. I grabbed my wallet and sunglasses, slipped into my Crocs and walked to ... more

Ridiculous Offer

Wouldn't it be nice to have a yard sale that organized itself and sold everything without people actually coming to the sale? Maybe it's the lookers and the buy... more

A Broken Wing

I had just passed through the most painful period in my life. I was 51 years old and living alone in a duplex in the same city I had lived with my wife and daug... more

How do you know I need to…

I was bustling around the table almost hopping on one foot because I needed to serve dinner to my family before retreating upstairs to use the loo, when my son ... more