Asymmetry in the ER

My mom was ill and the only good that comes from dealing with a sick person is being around doctors. I love them. I revere them. Is it the Jewish princess in me... more

Five More Minutes

A woman sat beside me at the park, her young son standing patiently by her, his eyes fixed on the playground. With a kiss and a zip of his jacket, she sent him ... more

White Picket Fence

Bruce bobbed up and down on his tiptoes in anticipation—always ready, ever happy to draw. I smoothed out and taped down the fan-folded computer paper along a ... more

Don’t Talk to Strangers

"Don't talk to strangers” is the warning parents tell their children. But I am often on the receiving end of this mantra---by my middle-age daughter ReRe. How... more

A Friend To Remember

I remember when I became friends with Kim. I was teaching piano lessons privately, and she called me to schedule lessons for her daughter. Immediately, I knew w... more


It was one of those days when I was feeling like an inadequate mother. My husband and I always have a full house with our four children, their friends, my mot... more


Barely past midnight, the rain fell hard. I could see only the red taillights of the car ahead. I had closed the convenience store where I worked as a cashier. ... more


I had not decided what to present at the annual Art Show. My stormy mind prompted me to relax and think. I had to get into my creative mode where ideas flow lik... more

Becoming Kaleigh

“I should disown you. I’m ashamed to call you my daughter.” My father’s words caused my soul to splinter, and a small shard commenced its slow delibe... more